Thursday, March 10, 2011

A finish and a post after a short interval…….

Hi everyone!!  Finally I am here after a small gap,with another wall hanging, which is again a gift for my dear friend who celebrated their wedding anniversary on the 7th of March.  I took a long time in deciding what to make and later with less time in hand, it was quite a hectic  few days wherein I completed this project.  Moreover, with children’s exams going on, I had very limited time in hand to concentrate on my finish.  But I am happy , I managed to finish this one on time and also happy that she liked this so much.

So, without anymore blah, blah let me show you my finish………..


This pattern is by Jane Spolar of Quilt poetry and is given here.     I  have made some small changes as per my convenience in this pattern, and I did free motion quilting on the back ground fabric. Here’s the close up.


I used a loop and a flower pattern for free motion, which was quite easy and covered the area faster.


I am itching to do some more new projects, but I am taking it slow now, I have to concentrate on my son’s studies,but will try to do get things done whenever possible.  

Thank you for all your lovely comments and advices, and please continue supporting me with them always.

Regards to all my blogging friends, and I am sorry I was unable to visit your blogs recently, to see your beautiful work.  But I will do so, as soon as I can, meanwhile happy stitching !! and Bye from Preeta.