Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to all… and a gift for my friend.



Wishing  you all a Very Happy and Blessed Christmas ……….

Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and happiness.

Meanwhile I also wanted to show you all something special , I made for a dear friend of mine……


This is a New year planner for which I made this cover and a  Christmas Roses penny pocket.  The  Roses penny pocket  pattern is a Simply Christmas freebie by Jenny of   Elefantz  on Shabbyartboutique  blog.  Thank you Jenny for this wonderful freebie.


The card was made by my son.  Hope all of you out there have a wonderful time.   With prayers and good wishes …… Preeta.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reviewing the past and a small finish……


Nothing much has been happening in my sewing room,  since I have been busy enjoying some time with my elder son, who  has come home  from the university for his holidays.  And whenever we get together as a family its fun speaking  about the past and we feel so great and proud about all the things we have done and learnt together,  and our journey through life. Such family times are the ones we love and cherish.

And  then, I wanted to go through my creative past too….. So, I decided to remove all my past finishes  just feel good about it….. and include you too ….


Meanwhile, I managed to finish a small project…. another journal cover.


This one will be a journal for all my positive thoughts and pearls of wisdom that I collect over the period of  time…..


I am sure all of you out there will be busy getting ready for Christmas  and new year.  Do share  your work  and keep posting your comments. Until then, its Bye from  Preeta.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A quick recycling finish


Hello everyone,  the other day I was organizing my son’s cupboard and I came across some old pair of  jeans, which had become quite small for him.   As I  kept it aside, I remembered something that I had come across online about recycling old jeans  into some fabric baskets.  I had bookmarked that particular blog and so after finishing my cupboard organizing,  I went to check it out.  And I really thank this blogger for coming up with this wonderful and quick tutorial.  The result of which are  these lovely fabric baskets…..


It was  just an hour long project and I was really thrilled with the outcome.  I have used iron on interfacing with the lining fabric.   If you too want to make some with an old pair of jeans, which I am sure everyone will have, please check out this blog by Pam from threading my way.  Its quite a simple and  quick  finish.


Sorry about the picture quality, its very cloudy over here and I am not able to get some good pictures.

What is happening at your end friends,  loving all the festive finishes in  blog land. Looking forward to your lovely comments and suggestions. Until  my next post. Do take care all of you…  Preeta.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some new cushion covers…….


Hi friends,  We here in gulf  had a lovely weekend, with beautiful weather, and some rains.   Last week I had a lovely time in my sewing room whipping up some colorful cushion covers. 


I made six of these and was very happy with the outcome.  I kept the backing plain and attached some wooden button for the opening.


This was the first time I used the sensor button hole facility that I have on my new Janome sewing machine. It was very convenient and easy.

One  final look at all my cushion covers……


Hope all of you are busy in your sewing room making some lovely things ….. Looking forward to all your   finishes.   Till then do take care…. Bye from Preeta.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A prayer book cover, and a new beginning……



Life is full of choices and compromises,  and we have  control on it till we make our choice, But once you choose, then the choice takes control over you.   And I as a person believe in the power of prayer and faith.   Prayers help us in making the right choices.  I used to maintain a prayer book in which I wrote  some shlokas  ( hindu prayers verses) everyday.   It is believed that every verse, that you say or write has its own positive vibes. 

So as a new start, I decided to give a positive look to my prayer book.  Moreover it made me feel auspicious to start with something connected to prayers and the almighty.

So this prayer book cover……..


There were many journal cover tutorials online and I just looked up a few of them to get an idea.  I have added a cotton lace which was gifted to me by my dear friend Nima.  I  have also added a ribbon book mark.


I hope to continue coming up with more creative projects, and request all your support and suggestions. Until my next post, Take care and keep making right choices…….

Monday, November 18, 2013

Change brings progress….



   Hi Everybody. Its been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. This was because I was on a long vacation of two months,  after which I got caught up with several other priorities that came up, giving me hardly any time in my sewing space.   Then there was also this lack of mojo, which made the creative side of  my brain very lethargic.

But during these past few months of absence, I spend a lot of time thinking and introspecting as to how I can strike  a balance between my creative interests and the other challenges that come up in my daily routine .   And it was a realization which made me understand where I was going wrong.

  I was always focusing on   a time  consuming or a large project which eventually remained  incomplete due to lack of time and continuity,  and later my interest on that particular project dies. I also had this thing of trying to finish a project the same day I started it, which wasn’t easy and so I used to wait for the  day I had lot of  free time which was not practical at all.

Finally, after a lot of  self motivation and  convincing myself that it is  better to do little little things that I enjoy, rather than focusing on something big . I decided to start afresh.   But before I plunged into my creative world with my new found wisdom, I needed some change.    Change in my blog,  which would be  a new look, a new name to which  I can relate  to, and many other things…. Because I believe Change brings progress….

So dear friends,  From now on I am switching over to my New Blog  name,  and  Inspirational Art will now become Creative Moments.   Because it is during my creative moments I come up with a creation.  It can be anything small and creative.  I am now going to focus on  consistent blog posts.  It may not necessarily be a crafty post.   It can be a simple home décor that I have added or changed.  Phew….. now I feel good and motivated to enjoy my creative moments.

I hope, all of you out there will support and encourage me,  and all my friends who follow my blog will take notice of this and make changes in their  blog lists. Please continue giving me all your support and suggestions and look forward to the all new CREATIVE MOMENTS.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another table runner…..

It’s the time of the year, (that is nearing holidays in this part of the world), where I find myself eager to do  a makeover for my home.   Every year, around this time I feel that urge to make changes around my home.  I don’t know why, but maybe since we are eagerly waiting for that vacation wherein we go to our country, meet our family and then shop for a whole lot of things for the next year, mainly because we need Indian stuff especially clothes and accessories, and I also have a  separate list for my home décor and my hobby ie sewing , quilting etc.
In that process, I end up making more of décor stuff…., so this second  table runner……

I have used typical Indian cotton fabric, I really love to use indian fabric since they have an ethnic look and also easy to handle while sewing.  This pattern is a tutorial from  Samelia’s mum   Stack and Slash table runner.   I loved sewing this pattern, and am very happy with the outcome, I have done free motion quilting…….and here’s a closer look at my runner.
Hope to come up with some more décor items next time….. Till then happy sewing  and take care.
                                                     Bye !! from Preeta.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A table runner…..

Hello!! everyone, Its been sometime, but  my visits  to  the  sewing room has  really come down nowadays.  My elder son, has come down from India for his vacation, and I am quite occupied trying to spend some precious time with him and for him.    Meanwhile , our family vacation is also due soon and I wanted to make some quick gifts for my people back home in India.

I thought of a simple table runner, and this is what I came up with……



I  have appliqued this paisley design on  either side of a self printed bright red material ,  I really don’t have enough words to tell you all how happy I am with my new  janome  8900QCP  .


I  really enjoyed doing the applique stitches around my paisley.


The fabric I used for my applique  and binding is quite thick, and it was also fraying a bit,  but in the end I was happy with the result.  My DH  loved it so…. much, that he wanted  it to be on our buffet hutch.  So I will have to make another one as gift.  With so much  time constraint, let me see how I can manage.

Until then take care and Bye…….

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Embroidery pillow……

Embroidery is something I really love doing, but I am always confused as to how to finish it or  what to make out of it.  I also love positive sayings and quotes around me.  So this time I have tried to merge two of my likes through this design which is a free  BOM from Jenny of Elefantz.  She is a wonderful stitchery designer and I really love her work as well as her blog.  I consider her as a great inspiration for a person like me who needs lot of motivation for progressing on the crafty side of my life.

I have used Jenny’s  promises and borders design , but the saying inside the border is different than what she has stitched.  I loved it once it was complete and decided to make it into a pillow, so that I can have it always in front of me.
Nowadays I am a little busy with other priorities but I will do my best to try and reduce the length of my to -do list and post some more  finishes.   One final picture of my pillow………
Until my next post its bye from Preeta…..

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blogging after a long time……


Life has been quite hectic recently, and I have been unable to give time to the crafty side of my life.   But I did manage to complete another silk painting, this time an abstract one.


I have tried using a colorless gutta, to outline the picture and I felt that your lines need to be really perfect and flowing, to make it look good.  I am not yet perfect with my lines and need to improve a lot.  But we all know that only practice makes a man perfect. So I will keep on trying and improving my skills.


This picture has a glare, but this is the only close up of my painting I could manage.

Hope to try and do many more…. perfect ones.  Until my next post,   All of you out there, take care.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Acquiring a long desired skill……(Art of painting)


Learning the art of painting was a long desired dream, but somehow I never got a chance of making it happen.  And then one fine day I heard about the silk painting classes conducted by Sharmila, here in Muscat.  They say when you really desire with all your heart for anything positive,   circumstances are created to make it happen.  I believe this is exactly what worked for me and I  immediately caught hold of this opportunity.


This is the painting I started with……..


I enjoyed each and every moment of these classes, especially because the teacher was a very friendly and encouraging person.  I am very sure that I would only want to do more and more.


This is a close up of my painting, I took before I hung it up


on the mustard yellow wall in my home,  and I am very happy about the result.   Thank you all, for your encouraging  comments….. I eagerly wait for all your lovely comments after each post.   So keep inspiring.  Until next time,  Preeta.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Result of an inspiration……



While browsing online, one day I came upon this book from Denyse Schmidt.


I was really awed by the simplicity and the beauty of her quilt designs, and I really wanted to try it out.  The best thing about her designs are that if you are a quilter, for that matter even a beginner can attempt to make them.  So this time it is an inspired quilting attempt……


Well my attempt at free motion quilting, is not great but I am happy I could manage.   The actual quilt made by Denyse Schmidt is  quite a big one, I just made part of the design which is the cover page of her book.  Her free motion quilting is perfect and a treat to your eyes.

I made it into a table topper as of now, if I feel one day that I should hang it up I can always attach some loops to it.  I give the credit of this design completely to Denyse schmidt.  Thank you Denyse for inspiring me with your designs.  A close up of my quilt……


Meanwhile, there is something else I want to show you all…….



Yay!!!!…. My new sewing machine,  a birthday gift from my DH.   It’s a Janome, horizon – memory craft 8900 QCP. as you all can see.  I think it’s a new model from janome, but it is specifically suitable for quilting. I am yet to open it and try my hands on it,  but the table I have now is very small for this one,  I don’t think I have the patience till I get a table made, so I will have to figure out some way to get my hands on it.    Once I open it up, I will surely put up a picture.

Thank you everyone, for your lovely and generous comments.  Till my next post, Bye…. and Be happy….. Rgds, Preeta..


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A new cover for my arm chair….


Since quite some time I wanted to stitch a cover for our Ikea arm chair,  The original color is an off white fabric, the usual Ikea colors which get soiled,very fast with kids at home.   Finally, I managed to sew  not one, but two ,and I am so glad about it.


This is a linen fabric, and I was attracted to the prints on it which is generally not seen on linen.

The second cover that I stitched is a self printed Japanese cotton and a very bright color.  You cannot see the self prints in the snap.   I love bright and vibrant colors,  and try to add them here and there in my décor.


One final picture of our arm chair……



This week has been quite productive with regards to the  crafty side of my life, and I am quite satisfied with myself.  I really deserve to have a good weekend break here in muscat , plan for something interesting to come up with.  Hopefully my mojo remains and I will come up with some good finishes, till then its Bye from me.   


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Foundation piecing …… QAL at Desi Quilters


Desi Quilters, is a group of quilters and crafters basically from India, and its been a privilege to be a member of that group on facebook, since they provide great opportunities to learn new stuff.  They have regular Quilt along projects with tutorials from among the members.


My finish this time is a project of one such QAL tutorial, done by Nima of Made to Treasure.   My first attempt  at paper piecing was a small heart, which I made into a coaster.  


That time I had not even started full fledged  quilting.   Can you see how shabby it looks, because I din’t  even know to do binding.  But I found it extremely interesting and wanted to try out some proper foundation piecing after I perfected my basic quilting techniques.

That was a time, and now is a time, where I can proudly say, that I am into quilting.  Still a long way to become perfect though, but since then I have tried quite a few quilting techniques.

Now coming back to my QAL project, I really enjoyed the whole experience, I have made mistakes but since I know the little technicalities I know to hide it in quite a decent manner.  I have learnt from my mistakes  in this process.  So let me show you my quilted foundation pieced finish……


I have quilted using diagonal lines, and this time I tried a new binding technique.  This is done using the sewing machine and we don’t have to hand stitch the binding behind. I was really thrilled by the result, since I could get beautiful mitered corners, and is quick to finish.

You can see the tutorial on youtube by Missouri quilts Co. here.


Can you see the machine stitches….. and the perfect mitered corner.

A close up of my quilting too….


I made this into a wall hanging and now it is proudly hanging in my living room…….


I sincerely thank Nima who took so much efforts, to give this tutorial, and thank you Desi quilters for providing such opportunities. 

Until my next post, Bye and Keep smiling and sewing……

Friday, January 18, 2013

Prarie points table runner…..

If you all remember, I had mentioned about many things in my to do list this year.  One of them was using prarie points in some of my projects.  I always loved the look of prarie points and after viewing many of the tutorials online to make prarie  points, I felt it was quite easy.  I was eager to incorporate what I learnt,  and here is the result…..


I am sorry about the dark picture, there is very little daylight  in my living room.

Let me show you the close up  of my runner……


Can you see a piping sort of border…. This was another item in my to do and learn list, to attach a piping border to a cushion, but my search for a tutorial lead me to another very nice idea of flange/flat piping without using a cord.  You can see it here at  quiltingquandry  blog.  It’s a nice tutorial and a great idea for runners or quilts. 

I have attached a triangle corners at both the end of the table runner.


I am very happy and satisfied with the finish and look forward to do more projects with prarie points and pipings.  One last look at my table runner, this time in sunlight.


Thank you everyone, for your comments and suggestions, its always a welcome  encouragement.  Until next time,  Bye and take care,  Preeta.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Chill………….

Life at times become so…… hectic, busy and monotonous, that we forget to breathe.   We need to remind ourselves now and then to calm down and enjoy life’s little blessings and sweet nothings.  

Sometimes it is my kids who reminds me to chill,  “Chill mom, Chill” .   On this note, I am posting my small little finish, which will help me remind  myself to keep chill, and take things as it comes. 

The hand embroidery is from a free pattern that I found online.  I have  just used basic hand embroidery stitches, and since its been ages that I have done any hand embroidery, I could see my imperfect stitches here and there.  But ultimately, it’s the joy of trying out things again and most of all finishing the project into something cute that made me happy.  So I am just happy that, I am also acting on the words embroidered.




A closer look……


I have also quilted the borders………… Can you see the circles….


So until my next post,  all of you out there CHILL!!!  and celebrate life……. 

Bye  from Preeta