Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another table runner…..

It’s the time of the year, (that is nearing holidays in this part of the world), where I find myself eager to do  a makeover for my home.   Every year, around this time I feel that urge to make changes around my home.  I don’t know why, but maybe since we are eagerly waiting for that vacation wherein we go to our country, meet our family and then shop for a whole lot of things for the next year, mainly because we need Indian stuff especially clothes and accessories, and I also have a  separate list for my home décor and my hobby ie sewing , quilting etc.
In that process, I end up making more of décor stuff…., so this second  table runner……

I have used typical Indian cotton fabric, I really love to use indian fabric since they have an ethnic look and also easy to handle while sewing.  This pattern is a tutorial from  Samelia’s mum   Stack and Slash table runner.   I loved sewing this pattern, and am very happy with the outcome, I have done free motion quilting…….and here’s a closer look at my runner.
Hope to come up with some more décor items next time….. Till then happy sewing  and take care.
                                                     Bye !! from Preeta.


  1. Preeta, this is an absolutely beautiful runner with perfect quilting and finishing

  2. this is beautiful, the colours go very well together

  3. Thank you so much.... Nima and Ninu

  4. Beautiful colors...pattern and your finishing is just great. Great job!!

  5. Preeta, just came across your blog and found it so inspirational. Loved your table runner.....lovely colors.


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