Sunday, January 24, 2010

A dream turning to reality…..

In the beginning of this year, I had mentioned that I wished to learn  new things with regards to my hobby, and yesterday I got a chance to accomplish this wish of mine.

Myself and Nima went for the Muscat Quilt Guild Meet for the first time.  It was an excellent experience.  We were introduce to the members of the guild and after doing our introductions, they started with the meet.  The Show and tell session left me awed…. and inspired,  and I was all set to learn this lovely craft of quilting.     Here are some pictures from Show and tell session….

DSCN0061  DSCN0063


Aren’t  all those Quilts fabulous…..

The main attraction for us was the paper piecing technique, and Sylvie , one of the committee member was very kind to demonstrate  this technique  to us and we gathered all the knowledge we could, eager to try it on our own.

Previously I had tried to do some patchwork myself,  but this technique made the  work more simple and perfect.

Below are all the pictures of my trial and errors…..

These are the patches I did myself  with the help of  an online tutorial. Please help me  decide what I should make with these patches , I  am short of ideas.

DSCN0078 DSCN0081

The next comes my paper piecing  technique  which was a disaster the first time. The side patches at the top has disappeared when I added banding to it due to less seam.


But I was adamant that I would make it perfect, so I made another one…… and this was better than the first, but can be made more perfect at the border.

DSCN0074 DSCN0076

So… What do you think of it?  Please do send your lovely comments and suggestions to keep me motivated and inspired.

Last but not the least, there was a Flea market  too at the MQG meet, and with valentines day nearing , my attraction to RED cannot be blamed.  I picked up these two adorable fabrics, at the flea market.

DSCN0084 DSCN0085

I have not decided what I will make out of them, but at the moment I am thrilled  to have these.

I am doing some embroidery stuff  next, so will come with the post  as soon as I finish.  Till then its Bye from Preeta.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Patch work puffy pouch……

The other day Nima sent me  a link which had the tutorial for a patchwork pouch.  When I saw the pouch I was so… impressed that I wanted to sew it immediately. The tutorial was from Pink penguin.  And here’s what I managed to finish…..
I have used beige linen and printed cotton fabric for the patches. I was under a dilemma weather to sew the ribbon or not, so I have just pinned the ribbon at the side temporarily.
With my little experience in sewing I thought  this pouch  would be a little tricky, but the tutorial was simple and easy to understand.  I still think it could be made with better finish next time I try.
One more final picture of my patchwork puffy pouch……  Since there is no natural light the picture is not very bright.  Sorry about that.
Nima  also made one, with little variation, and it looks lovely. You can head on to her blog  view her post.
Looking forward to your lovely comments.  Until my next post, Adieu!!

Valentine : Hand Embroidery

Since  long I have been bitten by the hand embroidery bug, but was not able to finish a project, Finally I decided to do a quick finish to the get the satisfaction of  completing  something.

With valentines day approaching, I decided to make this small piece of embroidery work, and here’s my finish……


Embroidered on black linen, I have used only outline stitches for these two love birds. Here’s one more close picture of my work……


I am planning to frame it and gift it to my hubby on valentines day.

Thank you for all your comments on my previous posts, Do continue post your comments, and encourage me to do more.

Till my next finish, its Bye from Preeta.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sew it: Origami drawstring pouch

Hi everyone!!  This will be my first project of 2010, and also the first feature in my new blog.  Last year I started my sewing project with Sew it, and I really enjoy doing it. I couldnt participate in the last two Sew it features, but I am happy to have managed to participate this time.  And coincidently my first project this year is also Sew it.

This time Mayya has given us two options and I chose to do the second one that is the Origami drawstring pouch from my little mochi. 

Here’s my finished work….


And guess what!!  I did two of them.  Here’s my second one….


Well, why did I sew two of them?   That is because, my sister who is back in India, has requested me to stitch, two of everything I can if possible so that when I go to India, she can have one.  And I promised her I will try my best to do that.

Here’s one final picture……


Anyone who is interested to participate in Sew it, please head on to Mayya’s blog.   I really enjoyed this quick and easy feature. Thank you Mayya.

Note:  I thank everyone of you who have encouraged me and hope you will continue doing so this year as well. I am still trying to get used to all the new features of  blogger, so please co-operate with me till I settle down with my new blog and excuse me if there is any inconvenience .

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another year and a new beginning……

Let me wish all of you a very Happy new year!!   I hope and wish that the year ahead brings everyone good health and prosperity and more drive and passion to unleash all your creativity.
From my side, I will not leave any opportunity to learn more of everything I love doing… be it Sewing,  Crochet, Embroidery or Painting. And with all these desires, I start my year with  a new blog address too…. 
I am shifting my blog to blogger, since I find it more user friendly.
Everyone who wishes to view my old posts can visit
All my new posts will be added in the following address:
I hope all of you who have supported me and encouraged me the previous year will continue doing so this year too.
I hope, I will find more blogging friends with similar interests like mine this year, and they will help me learn more and encourage me with their friendly whispers…………
I will be posting all my new finishes on this blog from today……
Till then, Good luck!!  from Preeta.