Saturday, January 16, 2010

Patch work puffy pouch……

The other day Nima sent me  a link which had the tutorial for a patchwork pouch.  When I saw the pouch I was so… impressed that I wanted to sew it immediately. The tutorial was from Pink penguin.  And here’s what I managed to finish…..
I have used beige linen and printed cotton fabric for the patches. I was under a dilemma weather to sew the ribbon or not, so I have just pinned the ribbon at the side temporarily.
With my little experience in sewing I thought  this pouch  would be a little tricky, but the tutorial was simple and easy to understand.  I still think it could be made with better finish next time I try.
One more final picture of my patchwork puffy pouch……  Since there is no natural light the picture is not very bright.  Sorry about that.
Nima  also made one, with little variation, and it looks lovely. You can head on to her blog  view her post.
Looking forward to your lovely comments.  Until my next post, Adieu!!


  1. wow...i love the fabric combo. I think the ribbon is perfect there...

  2. Hi preet! Love this one! The combo has a Japanese look to it. I'm waiting for my flex thingy to try the tutorial :)

  3. Wow you girls are lucky! Sounds like it was fun.
    I like the ribbon too,on the pouch. I have my fabric cut out , still lacking the motivation to stitch it up into the pouch.
    Love all the fabric you picked up.


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