Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another year and a new beginning……

Let me wish all of you a very Happy new year!!   I hope and wish that the year ahead brings everyone good health and prosperity and more drive and passion to unleash all your creativity.
From my side, I will not leave any opportunity to learn more of everything I love doing… be it Sewing,  Crochet, Embroidery or Painting. And with all these desires, I start my year with  a new blog address too…. 
I am shifting my blog to blogger, since I find it more user friendly.
Everyone who wishes to view my old posts can visit
All my new posts will be added in the following address:
I hope all of you who have supported me and encouraged me the previous year will continue doing so this year too.
I hope, I will find more blogging friends with similar interests like mine this year, and they will help me learn more and encourage me with their friendly whispers…………
I will be posting all my new finishes on this blog from today……
Till then, Good luck!!  from Preeta.

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  1. Preeta...your new blog looks very pretty...looking forward to see your stitchy post


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