Monday, January 4, 2010

Sew it: Origami drawstring pouch

Hi everyone!!  This will be my first project of 2010, and also the first feature in my new blog.  Last year I started my sewing project with Sew it, and I really enjoy doing it. I couldnt participate in the last two Sew it features, but I am happy to have managed to participate this time.  And coincidently my first project this year is also Sew it.

This time Mayya has given us two options and I chose to do the second one that is the Origami drawstring pouch from my little mochi. 

Here’s my finished work….


And guess what!!  I did two of them.  Here’s my second one….


Well, why did I sew two of them?   That is because, my sister who is back in India, has requested me to stitch, two of everything I can if possible so that when I go to India, she can have one.  And I promised her I will try my best to do that.

Here’s one final picture……


Anyone who is interested to participate in Sew it, please head on to Mayya’s blog.   I really enjoyed this quick and easy feature. Thank you Mayya.

Note:  I thank everyone of you who have encouraged me and hope you will continue doing so this year as well. I am still trying to get used to all the new features of  blogger, so please co-operate with me till I settle down with my new blog and excuse me if there is any inconvenience .


  1. wow...that looks beautiful preeta...

  2. preeta, such pretty bags! everyone is making the origami one it seems, perhaps i'd try it too. btw, love the new blog, a fresh crafty start to the new year, congrats! :)

  3. Beautiful Preeta well done!

    Good on you for making one for your sister :D

  4. Thanks for your compliments.I live in Ruwi, work is wonderful.Ill answer your questions on my blog.

  5. Friendly invite~! Welcome to visit my handmade creation and art / cafe blog~! I am having a giveaway contest of Handmade Bag now! ^^ Thank you~!


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