Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ethnic Cushions….

With the festive season in full swing among us Indians,  Its lovely to see beautiful homes decorated with traditional and ethnic stuff.

I am also a fan of ethnic and beautiful stuff.   So it was natural that I wanted to add some festive touch to my home decor too..  That<s the reason I came up with these pair of cushions……



These are 30 X 50 cms and I have finished it with invisible zipper.  The fabric is cotton silk and I have appliqued typical kutchi embroidered  trim ,on them.   Loved the finish.



Took this picture without light, to focus on the self prints on the fabric. With this project I became more confident with attaching zippers too.  Will definitely make more of them. Because they really add to the moods and seasons.

Until my next post…. enjoy this festive season and do take care…


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A post after a long break…..

Hi Everyone!,  Its been a long break for me with summer vacations here in the Middle East, and after certain priorities restricting my creative moments, I couldn't wait to get into my creative haven.
But as soon as I could get active, I wanted to make this dresdane wall hanging which had been there in my wish list.
blog pic  blog pic4

I actually wanted to hang it on the rod and take a picture but, my living room doesn't   get that much sunlight to take a good picture. So I have spread it on the floor where I can click a good snap. I have machine quilted it and am quite satisfied with the outcome.      
Did you notice the tag in the corner of my quilted wall hanging? This is courtesy  Nissiwood.  My friend Nima,  had made this tag, for her handmades and when she showed it to me I was so.. impressed that I wanted to get it made for me too. This time during my vacations in Kerela, India, I ordered some for me. Thank you Nima, for giving me their address and Thank you Nissiwood for this wonderful design and tag.
This last picture of my finish on the dining table in my hall. You can see what I meant about no sunlight! Just managed to click this one for my satisfaction. Do you notice all that tags? All of them from Nissiwood.
blog pic3
I know my posts are not frequent, I am trying to manage a more disciplined routine with my creative moments too. So looking forward for some more time with my hobby. Until my next post…
Its Bye from Preeta.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Handmade with love …..

Handmade gifts are always cherished ,and especially if  its for someone who has similar passion, they cherish it even more.

With the holiday season here I am looking forward to meet up with my people back in India. And so made a few simple and quick gifts……


I made two more pouches, and a journal cover. All the three are quilted. Its been ages since I tried quilted stuff, and found my hands a bit shaky while quilting the journal cover, using my free motion foot. I tried to do stippling on the cover.

Hmmmm…… will really have to practice a lot to become perfect  and loosen up my tight hands.

P6140007 P6140005

The pouches were quite simple since I have just done straight quilting. One is a pencil pouch and the other is a cosmetic pouch.


I hope, whoever receives these gifts are happy about it.  If you ask me…I am eager to give it to my dear ones.

So what do you thinks guys…..

The journal cover is a tutorial from Jenny of  Elefentz designs. And the pouches, there are many tutorials out there online.

Its going be another long break for me here at creative moments since I am off for  a two months vacation.  Hope to come back with lots of inspirations and mojo after this break. Till then stay happy and stay healthy everyone……




Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A zippered pouch….

Hi friends….. I am trying to get back to sewing and quilting, although as slow as a tortoise, I am progressing and I am happy about it.

Today I am showing you off my quilted zippered pouch. A very simple and quick one to make.  I saw this pattern when my dear friend Nima made this pouch. I found it very practical and neat to carry basic cosmetics and daily wear jewelry. This pattern is a tutorial from bloominworkshop.  Perfect pouch, for filling it with all your necessary items that you need to carry along on daily basis.  And also perfect for gifting. I really need to make a few more.

Quilting is simple, using a walking foot.  I have made it bigger than what is specified in the tutorial, since I needed the depth.
Hope you all will send in your comments and advices…
Until the next post, please take good care of yourselves.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Come back and a post……

Hi Everyone!!

This blog has been totally neglected since the past two years. In fact I was in a dilemma as to how I should start all over again. Last two years has been quite challenging in terms of my health  which has resulted in total neglect of my blog.

I am feeling blessed to be out of that situation, and happy that it has made me more stronger as a person.

Today I am back with a post…. A set of six tie back cushions for my dining table chairs.


My living room doesn't get any natural light, so I have manage with the lights on and since the table has a glass top, that reflection of the wall mirror on it.
Please excuse the picture quality.


Sewing the cushions was not tough, since I chose to keep it simple but the tie backs took a lot of time…..



But I am happy with the result, it was worth all the effort. I love the fabric which is from Ikea.

Now, only looking forward to have more and frequent such Creative moments in my life. Do send in your comments to motivate me …Until then its bye from Preeta.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

First post this year…….


Hello everyone !!   Its been a long time,  since  I posted on my blog…… Last month was very busy, and continues to be so at present too.   Hope all of you out there had a blessed New Year’s Eve. 

I made these cushion cover almost 1o days back but couldn’t blog about it.


I  had always loved these ethnic fabric,  called Khaan.  It is a silk type fabric which is little thicker than pure silk and comes with lovely borders.  This fabric is quite common in the State of Maharashtra in India.  I have used half of Khaan fabric and the other half is silk.  And actually the colors are brighter than in the picture.

I love playing with different types of fabric for making cushion covers.


That’s the back of my cushion cover, I have added a piping  to the flap, and it looks beautiful.   I am sorry that the pictures are not so… great but its been cloudy since some days and I couldn’t manage to take a better picture.

One last look at my cushion covers……………..


Hope to come up with many more creative posts shortly…. The are too many WIP and I am eager to finish off them, but with the time constraints I am taking it one at a time…… Have a great day!!!  Bye….


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to all… and a gift for my friend.



Wishing  you all a Very Happy and Blessed Christmas ……….

Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and happiness.

Meanwhile I also wanted to show you all something special , I made for a dear friend of mine……


This is a New year planner for which I made this cover and a  Christmas Roses penny pocket.  The  Roses penny pocket  pattern is a Simply Christmas freebie by Jenny of   Elefantz  on Shabbyartboutique  blog.  Thank you Jenny for this wonderful freebie.


The card was made by my son.  Hope all of you out there have a wonderful time.   With prayers and good wishes …… Preeta.