Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Vishu….. and back to blogging


Hi Everyone…..

Its been a long hiatus from blogging….. and I will talk about that in my next post.  But for today, I want to wish all my keralite friends A Very Happy Vishu…..

Its the time of the year which indicates movement or transit of the Sun to Aries, which is also the time of spring Eqinox.  It marks the astrological new year for us Keralites from the southern part of India.

It is also the onset of harvest season….. and nature is at its beauty the sun shining bright and hues of yellow everywhere around us back in India, with the Casia fistula or the golden rain tree blooming with yellow flowers, all yellow fruits and vegetable in abundance.

Smell of mangoes….lemons, pumkin…the list is endless..

It brings a festive air ……



It is also the festival of good beginnings…..

What better day and way to start  my blogging, which was neglected in the past few years….




The age old belief goes that if we see the auspicious “Vishu Kanni” ( which means the first sight or that which is seen first at the crack of dawn) on the day of Vishu would prove to be lucky for the entire year…

And so that is how I started my day…  and  praying and hoping this new year to be full blessings and abundance in all phase of our lives. The pictures are of the Vishu kanni I kept in my home for us to have the first sight.

With that note of positivity…… hoping to see you all soon.

Have  a wonderful day and be blessed!


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