Thursday, April 20, 2017

Entering a new phase…..with back to studies, little bit of creative moments and a long wish list to accomplish….


Hi folks,  as promised I am back. Who would ‘nt love to interact with like minded people..

But as I mentioned in my last post  I was missing on it so much .  Today I will tell you all the reason.of my absence from blogging or crafting.

Well , as a mother of two grown up boys, I am in that phase of life, where my children needed a lot of my time and support. My elder son, finishing his graduation and  trying out for admission to  post graduation colleges. And my younger son, just completed his grade 12 cbse board exams, and looking out for graduation in good design colleges.

This whole year has been a pandemonium of  dropping and picking up from classes,  browsing the net for information about the courses, colleges and  most of all moral support to make this exam phase a little stress free for them.

At this juncture, I can very well relate to what Jennifer Quinn said….

“  There are two times when parenting is the most difficult….

When the baby first arrives at home, and when the adult first leaves home.”

But then these and some facts of life…. and we must support our kids to fly high and make a life for themselves….., to live their dreams.

As for me… I will terribly miss my kids at home but I will have so… much time to myself that I have decided to make the most of it by blogging often, study to become a teacher, which was always in my wish list………



Try and continue my hobby which is sewing and quilting……..

These are two blocks that  I had made long back but managed to quilt recently…..



Or just blog about whatever comes to my mind and also improve my writing skills. I always loved to read, and I  am always fascinated by a well written post or article.. I really admire people who can write well, and to  acquire that art is one of the item in my wish list.

So hoping to do all that and more….. I hope you all will support and inspire me with your suggestions and advices and post your comments.

Until my next post…..take care.


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