Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Come back and a post……

Hi Everyone!!

This blog has been totally neglected since the past two years. In fact I was in a dilemma as to how I should start all over again. Last two years has been quite challenging in terms of my health  which has resulted in total neglect of my blog.

I am feeling blessed to be out of that situation, and happy that it has made me more stronger as a person.

Today I am back with a post…. A set of six tie back cushions for my dining table chairs.


My living room doesn't get any natural light, so I have manage with the lights on and since the table has a glass top, that reflection of the wall mirror on it.
Please excuse the picture quality.


Sewing the cushions was not tough, since I chose to keep it simple but the tie backs took a lot of time…..



But I am happy with the result, it was worth all the effort. I love the fabric which is from Ikea.

Now, only looking forward to have more and frequent such Creative moments in my life. Do send in your comments to motivate me …Until then its bye from Preeta.


Your friendly comments and suggestions are my motivations. Please keep posting them, Thank you.