Thursday, January 16, 2014

First post this year…….


Hello everyone !!   Its been a long time,  since  I posted on my blog…… Last month was very busy, and continues to be so at present too.   Hope all of you out there had a blessed New Year’s Eve. 

I made these cushion cover almost 1o days back but couldn’t blog about it.


I  had always loved these ethnic fabric,  called Khaan.  It is a silk type fabric which is little thicker than pure silk and comes with lovely borders.  This fabric is quite common in the State of Maharashtra in India.  I have used half of Khaan fabric and the other half is silk.  And actually the colors are brighter than in the picture.

I love playing with different types of fabric for making cushion covers.


That’s the back of my cushion cover, I have added a piping  to the flap, and it looks beautiful.   I am sorry that the pictures are not so… great but its been cloudy since some days and I couldn’t manage to take a better picture.

One last look at my cushion covers……………..


Hope to come up with many more creative posts shortly…. The are too many WIP and I am eager to finish off them, but with the time constraints I am taking it one at a time…… Have a great day!!!  Bye….



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