Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A post after a long break…..

Hi Everyone!,  Its been a long break for me with summer vacations here in the Middle East, and after certain priorities restricting my creative moments, I couldn't wait to get into my creative haven.
But as soon as I could get active, I wanted to make this dresdane wall hanging which had been there in my wish list.
blog pic  blog pic4

I actually wanted to hang it on the rod and take a picture but, my living room doesn't   get that much sunlight to take a good picture. So I have spread it on the floor where I can click a good snap. I have machine quilted it and am quite satisfied with the outcome.      
Did you notice the tag in the corner of my quilted wall hanging? This is courtesy  Nissiwood.  My friend Nima,  had made this tag, for her handmades and when she showed it to me I was so.. impressed that I wanted to get it made for me too. This time during my vacations in Kerela, India, I ordered some for me. Thank you Nima, for giving me their address and Thank you Nissiwood for this wonderful design and tag.
This last picture of my finish on the dining table in my hall. You can see what I meant about no sunlight! Just managed to click this one for my satisfaction. Do you notice all that tags? All of them from Nissiwood.
blog pic3
I know my posts are not frequent, I am trying to manage a more disciplined routine with my creative moments too. So looking forward for some more time with my hobby. Until my next post…
Its Bye from Preeta.


  1. Thats a gorgeous Dresden quilt Preeta...your tags are pretty too...cant wait to see it in real time..


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