Monday, November 18, 2013

Change brings progress….



   Hi Everybody. Its been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. This was because I was on a long vacation of two months,  after which I got caught up with several other priorities that came up, giving me hardly any time in my sewing space.   Then there was also this lack of mojo, which made the creative side of  my brain very lethargic.

But during these past few months of absence, I spend a lot of time thinking and introspecting as to how I can strike  a balance between my creative interests and the other challenges that come up in my daily routine .   And it was a realization which made me understand where I was going wrong.

  I was always focusing on   a time  consuming or a large project which eventually remained  incomplete due to lack of time and continuity,  and later my interest on that particular project dies. I also had this thing of trying to finish a project the same day I started it, which wasn’t easy and so I used to wait for the  day I had lot of  free time which was not practical at all.

Finally, after a lot of  self motivation and  convincing myself that it is  better to do little little things that I enjoy, rather than focusing on something big . I decided to start afresh.   But before I plunged into my creative world with my new found wisdom, I needed some change.    Change in my blog,  which would be  a new look, a new name to which  I can relate  to, and many other things…. Because I believe Change brings progress….

So dear friends,  From now on I am switching over to my New Blog  name,  and  Inspirational Art will now become Creative Moments.   Because it is during my creative moments I come up with a creation.  It can be anything small and creative.  I am now going to focus on  consistent blog posts.  It may not necessarily be a crafty post.   It can be a simple home décor that I have added or changed.  Phew….. now I feel good and motivated to enjoy my creative moments.

I hope, all of you out there will support and encourage me,  and all my friends who follow my blog will take notice of this and make changes in their  blog lists. Please continue giving me all your support and suggestions and look forward to the all new CREATIVE MOMENTS.


  1. Wow ... So nice to see you back to blogging... Can't wait to see your new creative idea... I'm sure it is going to inspire everyone..

  2. Hi Preeta it's so nice to see you back to blogging. I really like the new name of your blog.


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