Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A prayer book cover, and a new beginning……



Life is full of choices and compromises,  and we have  control on it till we make our choice, But once you choose, then the choice takes control over you.   And I as a person believe in the power of prayer and faith.   Prayers help us in making the right choices.  I used to maintain a prayer book in which I wrote  some shlokas  ( hindu prayers verses) everyday.   It is believed that every verse, that you say or write has its own positive vibes. 

So as a new start, I decided to give a positive look to my prayer book.  Moreover it made me feel auspicious to start with something connected to prayers and the almighty.

So this prayer book cover……..


There were many journal cover tutorials online and I just looked up a few of them to get an idea.  I have added a cotton lace which was gifted to me by my dear friend Nima.  I  have also added a ribbon book mark.


I hope to continue coming up with more creative projects, and request all your support and suggestions. Until my next post, Take care and keep making right choices…….


  1. Preeta, a perfect project for a new start.. And you have done it beautifully

  2. Very lovely cover. Love the fabric choices Preeta

    1. Thank you, Pearlin.... really its been a long time....

  3. Lovely cover with lovely fabric. Came here through Nima's blog.



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