Saturday, February 23, 2013

Acquiring a long desired skill……(Art of painting)


Learning the art of painting was a long desired dream, but somehow I never got a chance of making it happen.  And then one fine day I heard about the silk painting classes conducted by Sharmila, here in Muscat.  They say when you really desire with all your heart for anything positive,   circumstances are created to make it happen.  I believe this is exactly what worked for me and I  immediately caught hold of this opportunity.


This is the painting I started with……..


I enjoyed each and every moment of these classes, especially because the teacher was a very friendly and encouraging person.  I am very sure that I would only want to do more and more.


This is a close up of my painting, I took before I hung it up


on the mustard yellow wall in my home,  and I am very happy about the result.   Thank you all, for your encouraging  comments….. I eagerly wait for all your lovely comments after each post.   So keep inspiring.  Until next time,  Preeta.

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