Sunday, January 20, 2013

Foundation piecing …… QAL at Desi Quilters


Desi Quilters, is a group of quilters and crafters basically from India, and its been a privilege to be a member of that group on facebook, since they provide great opportunities to learn new stuff.  They have regular Quilt along projects with tutorials from among the members.


My finish this time is a project of one such QAL tutorial, done by Nima of Made to Treasure.   My first attempt  at paper piecing was a small heart, which I made into a coaster.  


That time I had not even started full fledged  quilting.   Can you see how shabby it looks, because I din’t  even know to do binding.  But I found it extremely interesting and wanted to try out some proper foundation piecing after I perfected my basic quilting techniques.

That was a time, and now is a time, where I can proudly say, that I am into quilting.  Still a long way to become perfect though, but since then I have tried quite a few quilting techniques.

Now coming back to my QAL project, I really enjoyed the whole experience, I have made mistakes but since I know the little technicalities I know to hide it in quite a decent manner.  I have learnt from my mistakes  in this process.  So let me show you my quilted foundation pieced finish……


I have quilted using diagonal lines, and this time I tried a new binding technique.  This is done using the sewing machine and we don’t have to hand stitch the binding behind. I was really thrilled by the result, since I could get beautiful mitered corners, and is quick to finish.

You can see the tutorial on youtube by Missouri quilts Co. here.


Can you see the machine stitches….. and the perfect mitered corner.

A close up of my quilting too….


I made this into a wall hanging and now it is proudly hanging in my living room…….


I sincerely thank Nima who took so much efforts, to give this tutorial, and thank you Desi quilters for providing such opportunities. 

Until my next post, Bye and Keep smiling and sewing……


  1. Wow..that is a beautiful finish preeta. i love that bright colours and beautifully finished wall hanging.

  2. this is great work Preetha.wat striking colours!matching your wall colour very well.!


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