Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Chill………….

Life at times become so…… hectic, busy and monotonous, that we forget to breathe.   We need to remind ourselves now and then to calm down and enjoy life’s little blessings and sweet nothings.  

Sometimes it is my kids who reminds me to chill,  “Chill mom, Chill” .   On this note, I am posting my small little finish, which will help me remind  myself to keep chill, and take things as it comes. 

The hand embroidery is from a free pattern that I found online.  I have  just used basic hand embroidery stitches, and since its been ages that I have done any hand embroidery, I could see my imperfect stitches here and there.  But ultimately, it’s the joy of trying out things again and most of all finishing the project into something cute that made me happy.  So I am just happy that, I am also acting on the words embroidered.




A closer look……


I have also quilted the borders………… Can you see the circles….


So until my next post,  all of you out there CHILL!!!  and celebrate life……. 

Bye  from Preeta


  1. loved the embroidery and the message as well!!!

  2. wow...that is lovely Preetha..beautiful quilting and finishing too

  3. Wow.. It's cool..

  4. cute embroidery and nice colours used:)


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