Friday, January 11, 2013

A new year and a new beginning….


Hope all of you had a blessed New Year….. Its two weeks since the new year’s eve,  and it  boggles me how time just flies, more so when I realize I have a long……….. to do list.  And this year I want to make use of most of  my free time doing creative stuff.  Thankfully,  I have the mojo at the moment, just hoping and praying I get the right direction and atmosphere to make use of it.

As of now there are many, things in different  stages but a small and quick finish to show you all.  I have been wanting to sew a tissue box cover, and while browsing the net for some quick tutorials I found this one from Nima’s  blog.  You can go to her blog to see the tutorial, the original as she mentions is from  a different site. but I found the method she has given to be very simple and quick.

I have just added a strip with some wooden buttons so that I can also hang it.




It was an easy and quick finish and I would also thank Nima for the method that she had proposed.

Hope to come back soon with another finish . Till then take care.


  1. wow..preetha...beautiful colour combo and perfect hanging..Love it

  2. It's is such a creative idea -I've been wanting to cover my tissues but hadn't quite figured out how.


  3. Thank you so... much Mary

  4. preetha its a grt idea to hang tissue box rt? i like the fabric u have used too.matching your runner well :)


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