Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Come back ….. and a finish


Its been more than a year that I have done anything on the crafty side of my life,  but during the last two years, my priorities were different and we do  have to choose accordingly.  

Now finally, I am finding some time, to spend in my sewing room and believe me, once you  loose touch its very difficult to begin,  it took me much time to start getting the hang of it.  I would spend days confused, where to start, and how to start.  There were too many things in my mind, but was unable to decide….. should it be a wall hanging … or a quick project … or some hand embroidery.  Then I thought quilting it should be!!!  and finally I set on starting a simple quilted wall hanging  with one of my old silk saree.  I thought I’ll use the pulloo(the heavy border portion of a saree, that hangs from the shoulder ).   I started work  jubilantly, I sandwiched the pieces and also quilted…..


But I was not happy with it, one of the reason was that my batting was a thin one and the quilting was not showing properly… and  there was this unsatisfied feeling,  It lay there,  like this in my sewing room for days together….. until one fine day my friend Nima  sent me a picture of  some lovely ethnic cushions on some home décor site, which gave me  the idea of changing this wall hanging into some cushion covers.   And finally this is what the wall hanging ended up to….. …


It is really not easy to sew silk material, since it is always slipping and on top of it when your hands have lost that touch  it becomes worse.  And to cut out pieces from a huge 51/2 yards saree is also not easy.

I am happy that, I made something pretty of it, and I could really use some good new cushion covers out of  an old silk saree.  I could make six of them using the wall hanging patches and the rest of my  saree……..



I hope … now that I have started,  I will get some good inspirations and encouragement from the blog land  to come up with some good finishes.

Until, I come up with some new finishes its Bye!  from Preeta.


  1. Beautiful start preeta...great finishing...i cannot wait to see it in real...lovely green too.

  2. beautiful mats and cushion covers Preetha:)


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