Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reviewing the past and a small finish……


Nothing much has been happening in my sewing room,  since I have been busy enjoying some time with my elder son, who  has come home  from the university for his holidays.  And whenever we get together as a family its fun speaking  about the past and we feel so great and proud about all the things we have done and learnt together,  and our journey through life. Such family times are the ones we love and cherish.

And  then, I wanted to go through my creative past too….. So, I decided to remove all my past finishes  just feel good about it….. and include you too ….


Meanwhile, I managed to finish a small project…. another journal cover.


This one will be a journal for all my positive thoughts and pearls of wisdom that I collect over the period of  time…..


I am sure all of you out there will be busy getting ready for Christmas  and new year.  Do share  your work  and keep posting your comments. Until then, its Bye from  Preeta.

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