Monday, September 20, 2010

Pintuck pillows……….

Another post after a long time, but I am taking it easy and doing whenever I find time from my busy schedule.    And this time it is the most quick  and easy home decor I always love making.

During our vacation this time in India , I happened to see a tunic  and  loved the simple pintuck stitches done on it.   Of course I picked up the tunic for myself, and decided to look out for a tutorial on how to do it, once I return back.

Today when I was browsing the net I found a great tutorial, and immediately  started working on it.  And this is what I made…..


I  used  a  pure silk  fabric  to make this cushion  since it looks rich with this simple pattern also. 

A close look at my pintuck stitches….


This tutorial is from   sew neat pintuck stitches.    It was a simple and step by step tutorial and I loved making it.   I am planning to make two more like this one.  But I couldn’t wait to blog as soon as I managed to finish one.

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