Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crochet finishes……

I have been doing this crochet edging since quite sometime, juggling between sewing some gifts, and a hectic routine of shopping,  kids exams and daily household work. 

Though it took me quite sometime to finish this one, I am happy I managed to complete it before I left for my summer holidays to India.

So here’s  what I managed to do….


I had also made a lavender sachet.  Since I am still in the process of learning to crochet, there is so much room for improvement and perfection.  So, while I am holidaying I will try to improve my crochet too, since that is the only thing I can do when I am away from my sewing machine and stashes over here.

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  1. i just stumbled upon ur blog thru nima's...u hv got lovely space preetha


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