Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cushion covers for my sister……

As I told you in my previous post, I am in a blogging spree and trying to blog  about all my crafty finishes.  Once I am in India, it would be difficult for me to blog since we will be moving around to different places.

I managed to make these cushion covers for my dear sister, since I had a sample cover of her cushions which came with me by mistake alongwith my stuff, when I visited India last year.  (Though all the cushions have a standard size , in India people get there cushions custom made. So these covers are a little loose for my cushions)


The black and white printed ones are made from upholstery fabric, and I loved the print. The other two are made from plain black  linen fabric, and I have embellished them with the crochet doilies  I made sometime back. ( If you remember my previous post about the doilie)

I am sure my sis will love them….DSCN0214


I look forward to reading all your lovely comments,  I might not be able to reply to your comments and emails immediately since I am travelling.  But whenever I am able to access the net I will try and reply and visit all the blogs I follow.  Until then its bye from Preeta.


  1. wow...awesome cushions. i'm sure Priya is going to love this....

  2. oh!1 they are really beautiful. first time on you blog.. u are creating all beautiful things

  3. Your cushions are just lovely and I am sure your sister will love the personal touch of the doilies you made... all the other things you have made which you have listed in your other blog posts are also wonderful... keep up the good work... I just wanted to say thank you for listing me on your blog list, it is indeed an honour.

  4. Pillow covers are very beautiful. The corchet dolly pillow cover attracts me a lot!


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