Monday, August 9, 2010

Back after a long and rejuvenating holiday……

Its  been really very long since I have blogged or visited my blogging friends,  but I was travelling from one place to the other  and couldn’t access the internet.   However,  I enjoyed every bit of my holiday, spending time with my family back home in
India and  the best part of our holiday was our trip to Malaysia and Singapore.

We thoroughly enjoyed this trip and kids freaked out too.  Other than sightseeing, shopping and fun  I was thrilled…. to be able to  meet my blogging friend Zura  in Malaysia who came all the way to our hotel to meet me.  Thank you Zura……  ( I am sending  you our snap soon.)  It was so…. nice of  you.   I hope you too will soon make a trip to Oman whenever it is possible.


Malaysia was beautiful, and Singapore  was fun we enjoyed every moment of our stay .  I am pasting some snaps here.


Above  is the view  from the Kuala Lumpur Tower, which is called KL Tower.


This  place  was of  great interest for me and I am sure all craft lovers would find it very interesting.  Batik craft of Malaysia.

I was extremely impressed by their free hand designs…….


Zura was also kind to gift me a beautiful  batik fabric which I am unable to show  you all since after coming back my camera is not working.


And last  but not the least ,  With the three men  in my life…DSCN0784

Now I will take some time to come back to my crafty journey, since I am settling  down and managing  without a maid too.

Till  my next post , its Bye from Preeta.


  1. Welcome back Preeta! Now that I have this pic from your camera I could post it on my blog lol...the one in my mobile is a bit dark. That was a great meetup we had ya? Thanks Preeta, I enjoyed meeting a friend from blogland. Glad you had a fun trip! :)

  2. Looks like you all had a blast! How nice to meet a blogging friend. How wonderful to see your sweet face!Its always so nice to have a face to the name :)


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