Monday, January 17, 2011

Embroidered Needle case and pin cushion……

This will be the first post of 2011, I know the start has been very slow  and I am also not happy about it.   So many things are there in my to –do list  and I am confused.  So I thought to take it slow and steady.

Anyway ….., if you all remember I had mentioned about making an embroidered needle case …. Though I had finished this quite some time back, I wanted to add a pincushion before I blogged about it.   So, here it is…..



The needle case is made of  scraps that was lying in my scrap box, I had seen this idea in one of the crafty blog, sorry I don’t have the link now.  I have added a hand embroidery to it, and most importantly I tried attaching a magnetic clasp  to close it.

The pincushion is also hand embroidered, and one of the patterns online.  I really love surface embroidery, but too much time constrains.DSCN5968

I would really love to get your comments and advices on my finishes. Hoping to come up with some good finishes  regularly….. Till then its  Bye from Preeta!!



  1. wow...lovely needlecase and pincushion. i love the stitchery on the needle case and the pincushion.Great finishing too.

    It would be nice if you can share the stitchery patterns...thank you

  2. Both of them are lovely!!Especially liked the needle case. Has come out very pretty!!

  3. that needle case is so pretty!Love the pincushion too.

  4. Dear Preetha mol,
    All ur crative inspirational works are wonder ful.
    Keep it up and improve to further excellence!
    -Achan &Ammad


Your friendly comments and suggestions are my motivations. Please keep posting them, Thank you.