Saturday, January 22, 2011

My small garden……

The weather here in Muscat is pleasant and beautiful….. I eagerly wait for this season of the year, since it is during this time , that I can grow some lovely flowering plants in my little garden.  Back in India we are so… used to the greenery, that I long to have some green space around me. But sadly due to the extreme summer here its  quite difficult to maintain. 

But  I don’t l leave any chance I get,  to do so in my little space  during winter, which is quite pleasant here.   And when I saw the result, I just couldn’t stop myself from showing it to you all.  So have a look at my  little garden…….


I love color  and so I get colorful plants.  These are some Zineas… and Marigold.




Aren’t they  beautiful !!   Well I don’t know the name of this one, but I love it and  am awed by the perfectness of the petals and the color combination.



We can really use these colors from nature for our craft too.  Believe me, you get great ideas with regards to combinations.  And of course!  make our life colorful too…

Will come soon with a crafty post.  Till then enjoy the colors of nature…. Bye!!


  1. wow...that looks beautiful. thank you for sharing the lovely pictures of your garden.

  2. beautiful garden Preeta! We are also so much into gardening over here inspite of this dreadful weather.
    You know ,I was thinking the same about getting ideas for colour combos from nature ,when I was looking at some wild flowers back in India.(How about coral pink and lemon yellow! :) )

  3. beautiful patch of green, why don't you place one bird bath as well among the plants..?it will be fun to watch the birds splashing water as they take bath every morning!!:):)


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