Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Bag at last……

After getting some lovely and motivating comments for my patchwork pouch, I got the courage to play more with patches.   And this time  I  managed to make a bag.    This was also my first step towards  quilting, because  this is the first time I have used batting  to make a quilted bag, though I have just used straight and horizontal stitching to quilt it. 
I also wanted to include a little bit of my painting skills into it.  I am fascinated with tribal paintings and here also, I have used Warli painting on the plain blocks.  Let me give you a glimpse of my bag first and then I will go into its details.
This bag is inspired by Rachel Griffith’s friendship bag tutorial from  P.S  I quilt .   The tutorial is perfect and easy to understand.  Thank you so… much Rachel for this tutorial.  I have tried to make my version of  this quilted bag.  And I am very happy with the result.
Now getting into the details of the bag, I have used white linen fabric and printed cotton fabric for the blocks.  I used fabric paints to paint on the white linen blocks. The lining is again mustard yellow  checks, since it goes well with the color of the paint I have used for the outer part of the bag.
I did not add any pockets to the bag since I wanted to use it to take my fabrics and stuff for my quilting course, and a roomy bag was the best option.  You can see the close up of my Warli painting here…..
DSCN0104So….. What do you all think about it?    Awaiting your friendly comments and suggestions.  Until my next post, Its Bye from Preeta.  


  1. wow...awesome...beautiful warli painted blocks...

  2. I love, love,love the painted blocks! I have a thing for tribal paintings too.. Well done on teh bag, it looks fab!

  3. It was lovely meeting you this morning and i must say the bag is beautiful Preeta i got to admire it his morning :)

    I loved the Warli touch you put a bit of yourself into it which is lovely!

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

    Mayya, It was a pleasure meeting you and little Dania. Thank you for your encouraging comments. It really means a lot to me.

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  6. the painted blocks and quilting combined looks very unique and lovely! way to go Preeta!

  7. Hi Preeta, I just found you but I think I saw you with Nima at the last guild meeting? Next month, I shall find you and introduce myself.

    Great job on this little bag. It is so pretty and fun! Good Job!!



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