Saturday, February 6, 2010

Patchwork pouch…..

Its been ages since I have posted any finishes, but past few days have been hectic, with my time revolving around my son whose preliminary exams are going on.
Meanwhile, I am also getting an opportunity to join quilting course under Sylvie’s guidance ( Sylvie is a committee member of the Muscat quilters guild) and I don’t want to miss this chance.   I still have to get confirmation from their side about it. But I thought I will start getting ready from my side . Since they had already sent a list of things needed for the course, I wanted to make a pouch to carry all my little stuff .  I was working on making the patches that I made,  into a tray cloth with  mitered corners. I had almost finished it and then an idea struck !!  why not make it into a pouch.
So finally my tray cloth turned into a pouch, and here it is…..
I also wanted to try making fabric buttons, and decided to use my pouch to try it on. So I have used fabric button with loops to close the pouch from the corners. My mitered corners need some more practice to be perfect, but I am happy with the result for now.
Its a simple spacious pouch, in which I can carry all my small stuff needed for my quilting course.
Please do send in  your lovely comments,  as it inspires me to do more and try out new things.


  1. wow...preeta...that's awesome finishing...i can't wait to see it...

  2. It's brilliant Preeta! and good news on the quiling course! xx

  3. Thank you Nima and Laila for your lovely comments. Makes me eager to do more of patchwork projects.

  4. hi preeta! love the pouch and it looks really roomy. i especially like the covered button corner closures, brilliant!

  5. Hi Preetha,
    Reallly liked this pouch..Iam very new to sewing and this is such a good idea..great job..


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