Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sew it : Patchwork pillow


After a short break  Sew it is back with a bang and a new look at Mayya’s blog Sew Chic and Unique.  It was fun voting for Sew it and this Wonky Pink Patchwork Pillow by Vanessa @ live laugh sew  got maximum votes.  I was very excited and happy to know the results, since past few days I had been bitten by the patchwork bug,  and have been trying my hands on patchwork stuff.  And as if I was attracting more of patchwork from the universe, Mayya also featured this one on Sew it.  Great…

Finally I dug through my scrap and assembled all my little fabrics together to make my  colorful - scrapful pillow……


I enjoyed making it since I love color, and also because I used up most of my scrap.   The back side of my pillow looks like this…


Here’s one more picture of my pillow, Oh !! Oh!!  Am I showing off too much?? 


Thank you Mayya, for this wonderful tutorial.  I am really getting good practice doing patchwork , before I join my Quilting classes this week.


  1. wow..good work preeta....gorgeous colourful pillow

  2. Nice...i love it thanks for taking part in Sew it :)

    I am glad this one won actually because i think this is my 2nd attempt at patchwork and loving it...

  3. Thank you, Nima, Mayya and Laila
    for your lovely comments.

  4. wasn't it fun doing this project! your cushion looks very nice.

  5. I really like the colours! what a fun pillow :D


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