Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Milestone achieved…….

Last one week I have been devotedly practicing and learning to make my hands perfect on free motion quilting.  I also wanted to try out raw edge applique’ and  last  week I was full of energy and eagerness  to do both.

My plan was to make a small wall hanging using raw edge applique’ and to try out free motion quilting on that.  Well, while browsing online I came across a wonderful tutorial from Kellie of  Don’t look now  for a beautiful cushion cover.  I made a wall hanging instead, using the same technique.  I also went through some of the tutorials online on using a fusible web for applique’ .

I started my project with high spirits , and  after deciding on my fabrics  set out to do the applique shapes.  I found using a fusible web to be very easy and was happy at the way things were progressing. Once  I  arranged all my shapes on to the background fabric the result was so nice that I became anxious to use my beginners skill of free motion on it, worried I might spoil the whole thing.

But they say …… take a leap with faith and I did just that and here’s the result of my faith and patience…….


Isn’t  it beautiful…………. Well I know its not perfect, but for my first proper project its pretty decent and I am very happy.

Click on the picture to see the detailing…..


Initially I thought to sew the raw edge using the normal foot, but when I tried sewing the raw edge using my free motion foot it was better, though the stitches were not perfect, it was ok. I used the same color thread as the flowers to cover any irregularities.

Finally I machine quilted the back ground which was the most challenging part of the whole thing. ( You all must have seen my previous post about free motion quilting.) With that experience, I was really dreading to do it around my beautiful flower applique.  But again faith, kept me going and it turned out to be beautiful…….  but I must say it was not a smooth sailing, my hands used to really get tired moving the fabric around with all that strain. ( Because of the inexperience)

But this has helped me evolve as a more confident free motion quilter!!  LOL ( Of course a Beginner quilter)

I have finished the wall hanging with a simple binding and loops with some buttons.


One final picture of my wall hanging…………(Am  I showing off too much……???   Can’t resist !! Sorry…)



Hope you all will surely send in your lovely comments and advices.  I eagerly wait for them.  Till my next post , Take care….


  1. Congrats Preeta! that is just amazing!!! you have outdone yourself! its so beautiful and thanks for the tips and links :)

  2. Wow Preeta that is absolutely gorgeous! I can just imagine the hard work that went into that, great job Preeta!

  3. wow...gorgeous preeta...I can't wait to touch and see it...will come there soon.

  4. You've done very well for your first attempt. I'm also a huge fan of Kellie's work and have made a few of her patterns. They are just so cheerful and lovely, aren't they? Best wishes, Vreni

  5. Excellent!!u did an amazing job!! keep going preetha!!

  6. Wow it's just great! Wonderful quilt

  7. preetha,i have been dying to see this new creation of urs ever since i came to know abt it from nima...i can't believe it preetha.!!!.for a beginner it has come out too perfect!!after doing all those quilting it wud have been fun to feel the embossed surface, rt?!!:)the appliques also have come out blemish free!!congrats!!

  8. I missed your this post! Wow you are doing fine with your FM.... it looks great from here! Lovely!!!!

  9. Gorgeous, your free motion quilting is fab, I love your wall hanging. I too love Kellies blog and check it out all the time. I had my first applique lesson yesterday so hope to be making some soon/

  10. Preeta, the lesson went well, Samantha

  11. Hi ...i was blog hopping and came across this blog...:)
    wow..this looks really nice...i've not done quilting before...seeing this makes me wanna try!


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