Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A baby quilt- a gift

As I told you all in my previous post, I have become a confident quilter now, and so, this time I decided to make a baby quilt  to gift one of my friend who was recently blessed with a baby boy.  If it was before, I would have bought something for the baby, but now with my new learnt  skill of free motion quilting, I thought nothing better than a warm personalized gift.

So here’s my finish which will be my blessing and warm wishes to the new born………….


The center fabric is a polka dot pastel green and the borders are printed teddy bears.  I am sorry the picture is not clear. I have machine quilted the center …….


For the back I have used the same printed fabric…..


I am very happy that I managed a pretty decent gift,  I hope my friend likes it too.

Thank you for all your lovely and motivating comments. It helps me push myself beyond my limitations and do more crafty finishes and learn better.

Please continue giving me encouragement and inspirations  like this.  Till my next post…. Its Adieu from me……


  1. Beautiful quilt Preeta! Such a lucky baby to receive this labor of love from you :)

  2. quilt looks really beautiful.. ur friend will like it for sure

  3. wow...awesome preeta....good to see you are mastering free motion quilting

  4. You really got the hang of the free motion quilting. Congratulations! I'm sure the new mum will be very happy to receive such a special gift!

  5. it looks perfect preetha.. congrats !! u r a skilled quilter now!hope to learn it from u and nima sometime soon in future!:)...i am sure ur frnd will cherish it forever!!

  6. I'm sure it will be cherished. Your free motion quilting is so beautiful Preeta.


Your friendly comments and suggestions are my motivations. Please keep posting them, Thank you.