Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trying out cathedral window………

After my hands on free motion quilting, next in my process of learning and adding one more feather on my cap, was to try the cathedral windows.   To start with I just made four windows, I  used machine to sew down the curves, which was quite quick, but the process of ironing  and making the squares  would become a bit boring when it comes to making a decent size wall hanging.
But I was quite happy that I could manage this small piece without much hassles.  Of course , there is so…. much room for improvement, but for the first attempt I was not looking for perfection, rather concentrating more on how to make it.  The next step would be to perfect it.
I finished  this small piece into a mug rug…..

I learnt that the background squares  and the folds later should have perfect points, so as to get perfect curves, which is an area of opportunity for me.  I will try making it perfect in my next  cathedral window project.  Before I take leave few more pictures of my mug rug…..
The coming weeks are going to be hectic, with my kids exams  starting ,  I will have to spend some time with them  looking into their studies.  So my crafty pace will be a bit slow…..
Thank you for all your support, advice and comments on my crafty finishes.  I hope you all will continue encouraging me like this with all your lovely comments.  Till my next post , Bye and take care.


  1. that is soo well done!Kudos to you .

  2. Beautiful attempt preeta...i love the way you turned it into a mug rug

  3. Hiya Preeta thank you for visiting my blog, I have made a lot of small wallhangings from the same book lately, its by a japanese lady and its called Flower Applique by Keiko Miyauchi, the instructions are in japanese LOL but i've just used her patterns and the pictures as guides, i've used them for raw edge and turned under applique.
    I also do google image searches for inspiration and adapt the ones I like to suit me.
    I've enjoyed my visit to your blog, you are obviuosly enjoying learning new techniques, I always try to learn something new with every project I make too! Happy quilting.

  4. hi preetha, this has come out very well for your first attempt...wonderful selection of fabrics too!!..hats off to ur new venture!


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