Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hands on free motion quilting……..

My quilting  classes was a turning point in developing my crafty hobbies further, and it always kept me inspired to do more of it.   Its  been more than a week since I got my free motion foot from Dubai,  (courtesy Nima,  since she frequently visits Dubai)  I desperately wanted to try it.   

That morning, I called up Nima to tell her that I am going to try out my free motion foot, and it so happened that the previous day Nima had tried hers.  She told me about her experience with it and also warned me about breaking the sewing machine needle, since she broke two of hers during her trial.  After hearing that I was a bit hesitant, since I had already broken  mine long back, and I had only one left which I dint want to risk , lest  I would be without  any sewing at all till I get some new ones.

But I think my eagerness won over my apprehensions and I decided to  try it anyway.    Since I was already cautioned, I think I was extra careful , and could manage decently well.  And this is what I managed…….


I have quilted the leaves templates, at the sides.  Actually, this was a piece of fabric on which I was trying out some embroidery stitches called basket stitch.  I have tried doing basket stitch on the stem and I just added two leaf applique’ to the stem.  Here’s the close up…..


You will really require lot  of  practice for free motion to work smooth and neat around curves and other detailed quilting.  If you see my work carefully you can see many mistakes but for the first attempt, I am happy.   Before I  leave , one more close up for you to see the mistakes I have done.



  1. brilliant attempt preeta...i love the applique flower too

  2. it has turned out so well! way to go Preeta


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