Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Simple Needle case

Lately,  I am enjoying some hand embroidery and realized that I have been loosing needles here  and  there.  It’s a bit scary with kids walking around the house and I am always worried it might poke someone.   That’s when I felt that I needed a needle case desperately.  I wanted to make an embroidered one but I dint have the patience till I finish the embroidery and also I dint have a felt piece with me. 
Anyway, I decided to make a simple one for the emergency and later make one more.  So here’s my needle case….
I have used a ready made satin ribbon binding,  and its quite slippery, but I somehow managed.  But its always better to used a cotton one  which was learning for me.  I also mentioned that I dint have felt, so would you like to see  what I  used instead….
I had  some flannel which my friend Nima got for me from India.  I have cut a piece of that to pin my needles.  I have also added pockets for the threads I need for a project.
My camera is still not  repaired and the pictures are awful.  Sorry for that.  Bye for now, Hope to come back with another post soon.


  1. That is beautiful Preeta! I have never used satin binding before I could just imagine how slippery it is and mine would definitely puckers. But you did it so nice & smooth great job!

    About your question on taking measurements for smaller sizes - I never did take measurement! Preeta, I always use purchased patterns, I just picked the right size & sew. Sometimes I ask the mom, if she buys what size she'd use and I'd sew that same size. I know, not exactly a seamstress right? Lol I'm still learning though...thank you for dropping by Preet! *hugs*

  2. this is a great idea preetha.. in fact i have been thinking of making one for me... now i can copy urs!!:):)perfect mitered corners too..WISH YOU AND UR FAMILY A VERY MERRY XMAS

  3. wow...that's very did i miss this...didn't see this needlecase finish before


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